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This state of the art backcountry stove system is one of the fastest and most efficient systems on the market. Its radiant burner features a unique enclosed heat exchanger that excels in windy conditions. The advanced pressure regulator delivers optimized heat output throughout the fuel canister. 1.7-liter pot easily handles a solo trip or groups up to three. Stove and fuel canister stores inside the pot for convenient packability. Collapsible handle locks the lid securely. Boils 1 liter of water in three minutes. Made in USA. Weight: 1 lb. 2 oz.
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The cup is primarily constructed of what type of metal?

Aluminum is the standard, but is known to gas out under heat, and the effects are cumulatively negative. Titanium is cute, tends to be pricey as it is the strongest and lightest, but any long term effects are essentially unknown. Steel would be ideal, but of the three is also the heaviest.
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The MSR® Reactor® Stove, item number IK-530809, is made of anodized aluminum.
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